Hi, my name is Guillaume but I go by Skall and Skalledit on social media. 
I am a 25 years old French, freelance Video Games Capture Artist (video game photographer and in-game cinematics creator) who has worked for the video game industry since March 2018. 

But Video game photography and in-game cinematics are two passions I have had for almost 12 years now. When I take photos in games for work, I like to try to put my own feelings and past experiences into them, to let them reflect a part of me. 
I also love ultra realism in video games photos, and have loved video games in general since I was a little 4 years old frenchie. 

Recently I created a Linkedin to get more into the "professional space" and see with who I can work with worldwide. So feel free to add me and let's talk if you want!

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